Introducing service standards: level setting production-readiness for every engineering team

Joey Parsons
November 16, 2020

At the outset of a company’s move to microservices, one of the first challenges teams will face is trying to ensure that all of its new services meet an engineering-wide, agreed upon set of standards before being promoted to production. This usually takes the form of a Production Readiness Checklist stored somewhere in a wiki or git repository, keeping microservices that aren’t operationally ready for live traffic from causing unnecessary reliability issues. In Google’s Site Reliability Engineering handbook, this is represented as a Production Readiness Review in which the new service is analyzed and improved upon to build confidence that it’s ready for prime time.

At effx, we want to ensure that not only are your microservices highly operable when first going to production or during some ad-hoc review, but through the lifecycle of each individual service. We know firsthand that by defining the consistent bar for delivering service quality for your engineering team, you not only build a culture of excellence, but reduce the amount of time spent in incident response.

This is why we’re excited to announce effx’s Service Standards.

Deliver cross-team consistency for production-ready & raise the bar for reliability

Production readiness and service quality means something different at every company. To support the varying needs of governance, compliance and operational readiness, we allow you to choose the criteria and scoring system for how each service is measured. This includes:

  • Rules supporting structural metadata about a service e.g. does this service have a dashboard, on-call rotation, runbook, documentation, alerts, etc.
  • Event frequency counts to ensure that a service is being deployed frequently enough or isn’t in incident too often
  • Governance assurance by requiring a tag (or set of tags) to be set

Gain immediate insight into the operability across your entire infrastructure

Keeping track of health across a fleet of services can be extremely difficult to manage -- especially when there’s so much change happening across your infrastructure. Now you have:

  • Team-by-team scoring information to know which services to prioritize on your upcoming roadmap
  • Organization wide views for leadership to know where standardization is falling short long before they affect your users

Identify improvements needed for any individual service not up to standard  

Service Standards provides many easy-to-use ways of understanding the production readiness of your service fleet.  Now you can view each individual service’s score and the rundown list of work needed to be done in order to improve it.  

Service Standards are available for all users of effx today! You can also see a short demo of Service Standards here.

Are you new to effx and want to learn how we help you better operate and navigate your microservices?  Book a demo with us or sign up to try us for free today!