Introducing Service Detection: always keeping your microservice and infrastructure data fresh

Joey Parsons
March 3, 2021

It’s quite often we see engineering teams trying to keep track of their services and infrastructure data through either a spreadsheet or wiki. What they quickly come to learn is that these everyday tools make it extremely difficult to build on, collaborate, and most importantly maintain its accuracy with the ever so dynamic set of data involved in an engineers day-to-day: 

  • Services living across different tools and orchestration platforms to dig through 
  • New services constantly being spun up and created 
  • Existing services getting decommissioned 

Even an ordinary microservice catalog has difficulty keeping this fresh. Our goal at effx is to make sure that you can sit-back and not worry about any of this. Your microservice catalog needs to do the work for you so that you can stay focused on the more important things. 

This is why we’re excited to announce Service Detection to help you populate and maintain the most accurate list of services straight into the effx platform. 

Scan, identify, and remain on top of any new services from wherever they exist 

When building your microservice catalog, one of the first problems you will encounter is coming up with a list of all of your services. With Service Detection, effx will continually scan your infrastructure for services and suggest any new or missing ones that you may want to add.

All you need to do is set up one of our many integrations to start scanning your infrastructure and we'll start populating a list of services that we’ve detected. Check out a list of the integrations here.

Detected Services List
A list of detected services within the effx microservice catalog.

Always keep your microservice catalog accurate and up to date

Your catalog is not static, it’s constantly growing, and difficult to maintain its accuracy. We'll be able to identify these services within seconds of them being added or changed in your ecosystem. 

The detected services catalog serves as a reference for "what's live" to make it easier to identify missing information in your documentation. In addition to discovering services, you'll have full control of the list to make sure you're able to stay on top of the suggestions.

Track New Services
The latest services that were detected within the microservice catalog.

Automate building rich service metadata in every new detected service  

effx will help you generate a corresponding YAML file for any detected services so that you can quickly commit it to source control. On top of just generating the file, the metadata will already be filled in correctly for you.

For example, if we detect your service in Pagerduty, we remove the hassle of finding the correct on call link and it is already filled in appropriately!

YAML Editor
A generated YAML file from a detected service within the microservice catalog.

Service Detection is available for all users of effx today! You can also see a short demo of Service Detection here.

Are you new to effx and want to learn how we help you better operate and navigate your microservices?  Book a demo with us or sign up to try us for free today!