effx + gremlin: simpler, more confident chaos engineering

Joey Parsons
November 16, 2020

We’re excited to bring the benefits of chaos engineering into the effx platform with our new integration with Gremlin.  As the leader in helping engineering organizations build resilient infrastructure, Gremlin provides a comprehensive way to run attacks against your services infrastructure so you can uncover critical failures before they impact customers.

Chaos-enabled engineering teams that are running Gremlin attacks via scenarios or ad-hoc scheduling all throughout the day and night and much like a deploy, feature flag, or capacity change, those attacks are intended to alter the state of the infrastructure and can cause intended (or unintended) consequences.

That’s where effx comes in.  We help you:

  • See your Gremlin attacks and chaos experiments in real-time, associated with your microservices running on Kubernetes
  • Correlate the impact of those attacks with information from your monitoring system so that you can look back and understand all of the upstream and downstream effects
  • Track all of your microservices that have had chaos attacks run recently to ensure production readiness across your fleet

Check out the video below to get started:

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