effx + Datadog: uplevel your incident response

Joey Parsons
November 16, 2020

We’re excited to announce an even deeper partnership with Datadog at Dash 2020 to bring you three new ways to make incident response a breeze.

Incident response is hard. Whether you’ve been on-call for more than a decade or only two months, the pressure of having the weight of your business on your shoulders during downtime is never easy. And in those critical moments — what separates good services from great services is the ability to recover from downtime without impacting your customers.

With the power of Datadog’s observability tool you can quickly detect when problems occur in your infrastructure.  Through their suite of tools, including metric-based dashboards, logs, APM and tracing, you can quickly know when something has gone awry and your customers are being impacted.

effx helps you understand those monitoring events in the context of your microservices architecture by helping you:

  • Tie together all of the data from your distributed system into a single pane of glass for each service
  • Relate Datadog monitors & incidents to all of the changes to your microservices and their dependencies
  • Know the organizational context of incident response and how to get in contact with the service owners when you need them

How effx and Datadog work together

Better understand Monitors & Incidents

Our Datadog integration automatically pulls in events from Datadog into your service activity feeds for Monitor and Incident events.  See them alongside deploys from your CI/CD system, feature flags and capacity changes to help you understand the sequence of events that could be contributing to an incident.

Pull service dependencies into effx

Track dependencies of your services automatically by using the Datadog Service Map in conjunction with effx.  We use the real-time generated information from Datadog to create the relationships between services and Activity Feed events to help you understand the shifting landscape of state within your infrastructure.

Auto-discovery Datadog links for microservices

Sometimes finding all of the links for a service (or your entire fleet) can be time consuming.  We automatically curate all of the relevant dashboards for a service within Datadog to help populate your service catalogue from the start.  Your engineering team will be able to dive into the right Datadog dashboards during incidents instead of struggling to find the right data to look at, losing valuable resolution time.


There are moments in every incident response experience where an engineer has difficulty finding the right person to talk to, the right dashboard to dive into, or the set of recent changes that changed the state of a service.  Using effx and Datadog in tandem helps overcome these challenges.  

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