effx + Datadog SLOs are here: improving health and visibility into your services' critical paths

Joey Parsons
March 16, 2021

We’re excited to announce our continued partnership and deeper integration with Datadog to help engineering teams better manage and track their SLOs. 

One of the fundamentals of Site Reliability Engineering is what we call Service Level Objectives or SLOs. They provide a framework for defining clear targets around your application’s performance. At a high level, once you’ve defined them, it’ll help your engineering teams: 

  • Ensure a reliable and consistent customer experience
  • Balance tradeoffs between development velocity and platform stability 
  • Improve communication with internal and external stakeholders

Although, when you’re running more complex, distributed systems it’s easy to forget that your users likely aren’t interacting with just a single service. Regardless of what happens between services, users see the aggregated response from all services, or at least the services in the critical path. 

This can make it quite difficult to answer the question of “Is this service in good health?” for anything beyond just an availability check. If users expect their search results on your application to load in 400ms with 99.99% availability, then every service involved downstream should likely load much faster than that -- but you need clear visibility and management into all of this. 

This is why we’re excited to bring you the power of effx + Datadog SLOs to help track, monitor, and set standards for every service along with its critical path in your infrastructure. 

Status of all your SLOs for each service at a glance

It’s likely your engineering team will be committed to a variety of SLO’s across different services, products, or teams. With our latest integration with Datadog, you can now get a quick view of the status of all your SLOs right from each service profile page, along with the status of its dependencies. 

Having a way to quickly visualize the health of your SLOs will help your engineering teams set high standards for availability and remain on top of any issues. 

A view of SLO's within a microservice catalog service page.

Include and set standards based on Service Level Objectives

With SLOs, you can now create standards that allow you to easily identify which services are not passing key measurements.

Creating new standards based on services objectives gives your organization insight on any gaps and actions that need to be taken to raise the bar on availability. 

Include SLO's as service standards within your microservice catalog.

Ensure SLOs are required criteria 

In addition, our Service Standards 360° feature allows you to observe which services are missing key SLO criteria and requirements. Engineering teams will use this criteria as a way to define whether or not a single service is ready for production or provide any obvious indicators on where improvements can be made.

See missing SLO criteria and requirements within your microservice catalog.

effx + Datadog SLOs is available for all users of the effx platform today! You can also see a short demo video here. 

Are you new to effx and want to see how we can help you navigate and operate your microservices? Book a demo with us or sign-up to try us for free today!